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Posted 4 years ago

Priority Financial Network is looking for a self-motivated individual who’s reliable, efficient, has a sense of responsibility & the willingness to learn. This position allows applicants to show...

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Posted 4 years ago

Priority Financial Network is looking for highly motivated individuals who are looking for a career in the mortgage industry.    Excellent organizational skills, the ability to multi task and a sen...

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Why Work with Priority Financial Network?

At Priority Financial Network you are welcomed to our team by a comprehensive support staff that works directly with you to facilitate a quick and smooth transition. Each member of the transition team actively guides you through Priority Financial Networks systems, loan programs and resources to ensure you will be successful.

Dedicated Loan Officer Marketing

One resource available to Loan Officers is a marketing team dedicated to offering the most current tools and services available. You will have access to our all-inclusive CRM and LOS systems that assist you from the loan origination process through your post-closing marketing efforts. The marketing team will work with you to develop a comprehensive, personalized custom marketing plan that includes, printed materials, email campaigns and online and social media marketing programs. The goal of the marketing team is to grow your business, generate leads and retain your current client’s.

What Makes Us Difference from Other Lenders?

Priority Financial Network is distinguished from its competitors because of our ability to close loans on time and every time. Because we are a direct lender with full in-house underwriting and loan documentation teams that efficiently and accurately close quality loans, enabling our loan officers to produce more loans over the long term.

We work closely with many investors that provide a wide variety of loan programs to fit most any need. This allows our loan officers to find the best solution for each of their client’s along with the ability to offer them some of the most competitive rates and creative programs not offered by most other companies.

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